From MARCH 23RD to april 6th



(100,000 SAND value)

full of magic, wonder and rewards

Open to all

Play and earn

Rules: Complete 100 quests in French weeks experiences to be a guaranteed winner.

Complete at least 1 quest to win the memorabilia.


1 Memorabilia



French Week's event

90,000 SAND shared pool


1 items (Bonus SAND pack or NFT)



Hell Diggers - Social Hub

[Multiplayer] Place of exchange, socialization and relaxation, Mammon’s palace is the most luxurious place in Hell. His collection of powerful demons and exquisite treasures is now open to everyone!

Break the 5 Secrets of Casino

Go and meet the prestigious a Chef and his entire team to find out 5 secrets that go beyond cooking…

Le Club Leader Price

A village in The Sandbox where you will meet Jean-Pierre, and the other club members. Be ready to cook for the community a delicious dinner, collect rewards, but before that you will have to get all the ingredients…

Vivendi Experience

Let's explore Vivendi Villa to find our lost items! Those who help us could receive an exclusive NFT but will you be on the lookout enough to succeed in this treasure hunt?

Hell Diggers - Purgatory of Gluttony

Welcome to excess and opulence, where everyone is bathed in huge dishes, morbid obesity and blood. Will you end up cooked and ingested by Beelzebub?

Hell Diggers - Bastion of Apathy

The abandoned bastion of Belphegor is full of dust, cobwebs, unfinished paintings, eaten dishes. Behind the spiders and flies, hide fabulous objects. But don't expect to loot in peace!

Unibet Arena City

Unibet is offering an experience in the metaverse for all fans of sports. Challenge yourself with 14 different quests thematized around football, basketball, tennis, boxing and poker to become the champion.

Exclusible Grand Palace

Embark on a thrilling adventure at The Grand Palace. Uncover hidden secrets, solve mysteries, and find the legendary Joker to embrace the Joker Spirit in this captivating metaverse.


You're finally in Paris, the city of love.Visit the Parisians and improve your knowledge of French culture by completing quests and spreading love.

Maison Naby

The exhibition ETRE SOIE by Maison NABI, is an invitation to explore the art of silk-making. Discover priceless fashion pieces from the 14th century to the present day, from the world-renowned Museum of textile.

Normal journey in the Celio metaverse

This French retail brand encites you into its "normal" world for an unforgettable journey. Find looks in its new concept store, live several lives for a while and challenge yourself. Be normal have never been so fun!

Ledger's School of Block

Want to become a master of crypto security? Ledger's School of Block is opening its doors. Go on a series of adventures and fight off hackers to earn exclusive NFTs. Time to get metaverse-ready!


Participate in the Lolympics, train and become the best! Prove it by winning the most gold trophies in all events of this edition in a prehistoric background!


A collection of NFTs like no other! Celebrate the French Weeks!







If you complete one quest, you will automatically win French Weeks Memorabilia at the end of the event.

How do I register for the gated avatar prize pool?

You need to have a KYC'd account on The Sandbox Website and complete 100 quests in French Weeks event.

*This gated reward can't be applied to the Japan territory due to country policy.

How do I win a French Weeks Memorabilia?

They are fan badges on your profile you can collect to show off all the Sandbox experiences you’ve participated in.

What is a memorabilia?

A Mystery Box, total of 100,000 SAND Value

     - 90,000 SAND shared pool (for everyone)

             - 1 items (Bonus SAND pack or NFT)

Exclusive French Weeks Memorabilia

What will be the rewards of the event?

Who can participate in the French Weeks Event?

Everyone is invited! You just need a The Sandbox account. This is a free to play event.


How do I win a mystery box?

You need to complete 100 quests in French Weeks event.

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