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Enhanced Possibilities.

Built for enthusiasts and experts alike. Game Maker 0.9 brings more tools, more possibilities, and more efficiency than ever before.

What will you create?

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Gameplay Enhancements


Your World, Your Rules

Our new visual scripting system introduces powerful new game mechanics that can be incorporated more efficiently.

Explore new gameplay possibilities including Puzzle, Resource Management, Loot, Chance, Skill, and more with the new Game Rules system. Preset and Custom Rulesets can be used to fit your unique design needs.

In multiplayer, take advantage of Variables to track values for all players or individuals.

Access Granted

Employ the new NFT Sensor to verify that players have equipped an Avatar from a collection or own a specific NFT. Then, grant access to VIP areas or secret levels within your LAND or divide players into teams. Integrate the NFT Sensor with quests and the new Rules system to offer a unique, premium gameplay experience for NFT holders.

Balance the Power

Create a Power Up to provide players in your experience with a temporary boost to their health, speed, attack power, damage resistance, and oxygen. Reduce stats for an added challenge. Customize elements like percentage increase and duration.

Survival of the Fittest

Whether you're integrating an Oxygen Meter into a player's time spent underwater or incorporating Fall Damage, there are more ways than ever to challenge players' survival skills.

With more ways for players to fail, Avatar Checkpoints provide a chance to respawn in crucial locations. For Multiplayer, Player Health is now available, with Multiplayer Combat coming soon.

More Ways to Travel

Foster diverse approaches to player movement through updates to travel. Interlink different play areas or create hidden zones for dramatic cutscenes using Teleport, and set up a multiple waypoint path for assets with Advanced Platforms.

Gear Up

Creating an RPG where a hidden sword is needed to open a faraway gate? The Message on Equip feature triggers custom logic once an item has been outfitted, enhancing the responsiveness of game interactions.

With the ability to let players start an experience with equipment they already have or use equipment you own or created for your experience, the Avatar Equipment Configuration ensures players always have the right tools for the job.

Creator Productivity Improvements

Start Off Right

Choose from more than 60+ customizable templates to build upon, including templates already fitted with diverse rulesets, logic, and gameplay mechanics. Level up your Experience while being ready to launch faster than ever.

Get Started Right

Find and Replace

The Asset Replacement Tool allows you to easily replace one or all instances of an asset used in your Experience with just a few clicks, all while leaving the underlying logic untouched.

Precise Asset Placement

The Grid System allows for custom grid sizing and opacity toggle for pinpoint asset placement and adjustable increments for movement and rotation. With our new one-click toggle, you can effortlessly snap all objects to your custom settings.

Perfect Your Game

Polish your masterpiece with new debugging features. Avoid abnormal physics with Collision Collider and inaccurate rendering of assets with Render Bounds. The Rules Logger displays when rules are triggered, and conditional events are completed, enabling you to squash bugs before going live.


Find It Faster

The enhanced Quick Access Menu boosts your productivity with up to ten times the number of shortcut slots organized in customizable groups. The revamped Asset Library makes finding the desired asset easier than ever with a new UI and filtering system.

GM 0.9 Brings Enhanced Possibilities.

What will you create?

Download Game Maker 0.9
Download Game Client 0.9
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