The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!


The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!


The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!




1x1 LANDs Auctioned*

*1x1 LANDs and ESTATEs auctions will be open from July 14th, 12PM UTC to July 18th 12PM UTC.

LAND Sale Raffle Signup: June 22nd, 3PM UTC to July 12th, 3AM UTC;

LAND Sale Raffle Results Announcement: July 14th, 11AM UTC;

LAND Sale: July 14th, 12PM UTC to July 18th, 12PM UTC (4 days duration)*;

LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions: July 18th, 3PM UTC to July 20th, 3PM UTC.









1x1 LAND



Unleashing the Power of Music and Blockchain in Musicverse

Starting on June 22nd


Secure Infinite Pulse Land for the Opportunity to Shape the Future of Music

The world of music is transforming with the emergence of blockchain technology, and The Sandbox has partnered with incredible globally-recognized artists and brands to launch Infinite Pulse, the music hub of the metaverse! In the Infinite Pulse LAND sale, we’re offering you the opportunity to get in early and purchase LAND alongside our new partners like Blond:ish, Nuclear Blast, and Warner Music Group to pioneer this new era of music!

By becoming an Infinite Pulse LAND owner by participating in this sale, you will be one of the lucky few among our global ecosystem of participants who has the ability to integrate with Infinite Pulse at the deepest level by creating your own playable experiences. In doing so, you’ll be working with our partners toward a common goal: transcending boundaries to change how music is experienced forever!


Become Immersed in the Music You Love

Music is an everlasting universal language that brings people together like nothing else. That’s why Infinite Pulse has been designed from the ground up to be an immersive, decentralized neighborhood built for music creators, fans, enthusiasts, and brands aiming to activate in web3. Within Infinite Pulse, a world of endless possibilities awaits! As a LAND owner in the neighborhood, you’ll be able to…

🎵 Monetize gamified experiences, social events, and more.

🎵 Express yourself by customizing your virtual space, whether it’s a personal studio or epic music venue.

🎵 Attend virtual concerts featuring performances by world-class artists.

🎵 Connect with a passionate community of creators to pioneer the next era of music.

🎵 Experience novel forms of entertainment put on by our incredible lineup of Infinite Pulse partners.

🎵 Have a chance to win IRL tickets to see world-renowned artists live in concert (exclusive to Premium LAND owners).

In this vibrant neighborhood, all players will be able to explore, create, and monetize their passion for music like never before. There will never be a better time to step into The Sandbox and pursue your passion for music by becoming a LAND owner!

The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!

What is LAND?

With a legacy extending back over 200 years, Warner Music Group (WMG) brings together artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs that are moving entertainment culture across the globe. When you equip the brand’s backpack in The Sandbox, you’re carrying more than a logo. You’re carrying the heritage of a global collective of music creators and lovers, not to mention some of the greatest music superstars around! How will you become a part of the WMG story?


Warner Music Group


French electronic music pioneer, DJ, independent label owner, film composer, web3 music innovator, and forward-thinking digital artist, Agoria can do it all, with taste! In Infinite Pulse, you’ll ignite harmony between your virtual and biological selves by equipping Agoria’s shield — use this to fend off attacks! Its design reflects Agoria’s concepts of science and art, chrysalis and butterfly, and a totem with roots.


Known for the global smash ‘Virtual Insanity’ and a string of hit albums and worldwide tours, Grammy-winning funk and acid jazz band band Jamiroquai has sold more than 27 million albums worldwide and achieved global success in the shape of millions of album sales, Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello gongs, MTV Moonmen, multiple sold-out world tours, and more than 30 years of solid funkin’. Rock the Jamiroquai helmet in The Sandbox with pride to bring forth a strong sense of incredible style!



The worldwide home of music for DJs, producers, and their fans, is coming to the metaverse! Founded in 2004, Beatport is the world’s leading electronic music store, offering a wide selection of electronic tracks, including house, techno, trance, drum and bass, and more.Beatport also offers a number of features that are designed to benefit DJs of all levels, including DJ tools, DJ charts, and a DJ community.


Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, is coming to rock The Sandbox! Step into a one-of-a-kind meeting place for Elvis fan culture with experiences presented by the Elvis Presley Enterprises and Run It Wild. Turn back time to the 1960s and socialize with other Memphis Mafia members in the Elvis Diner. Walk through a virtual Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and discover the personal world and life of the man who changed music forever. Through Elvis On-Chain, the magic of Elvis lives in the metaverse! Don’t miss your chance to feel the power of the King!


Elvis Presley

Blond:ish is an incredibly talented jack-of-all trades. She’s an electronic music artist, computer programmer, climate activist, and web3 pioneer with four released studio albums, as well as a number of EPs and singles. Also a savvy entrepreneur, Blond:ish owns her own record label and infamous global night club brand ‘Abracadabra,’ which previously ran a limited time concert experience in The Sandbox.



A multi-Grammy winning American heavy metal band known for its distinctive masks and jumpsuits, Slipknot is one of the most popular and influential heavy metal bands in the world. The band has released seven studio albums, four of which have been certified platinum or multi-platinum in the United States, and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.


An independent record label founded recognized for signing and nurturing some of the most esteemed and influential artists in extreme and modern metal, Nuclear Blast has solidified its position at the forefront of the heavy music scene since its founding in 1987. Pioneering yet again, Nuclear Blast has boldly ventured into the Metaverse, carving out its very own realm with “Blast Valley,” a heavy metal-themed metaverse experience. Blast Valley will feature initial quests that involve players reclaiming the power of heavy music embodied by the magical volcano at the center of Blast Valley, and uniting all creatures living in the land in a band to perform on stage. The primary goal of Blast Valley is to honor the essence of the metal scene and unite individuals in their shared love for this genre and its vibrant culture.

Nuclear Blast


The Manifest

Manifest is the world’s first cryptopunk band. Known for their life size holographic performances, they aim to bridge a web 2 audience to web 3 via entertainment.They have showcased at NFT NYC, Token 2049, Apehouse, Tokyo Digital Art Week, Culture Cartel and Ultraluxe.Manifest have since signed to Sony and Universal Records and will be officially launching in Q3 2023.

Created by Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen, Young & Sick is a music and art project known for its work across art and music. In addition to his music endeavors, Nick has delved into the world of web3, embracing digital art and NFTs. Alongside his business partner Aaron Saltzman, they have successfully auctioned NFTs on various platforms, raising funds for struggling independent music venues. Currently, they are focused on building a vibrant community of psychedelic art enthusiasts and expanding their presence in the metaverse through projects like the Barflies collection in the Sandbox district.

Young & Sick

A Swedish electronic dance music duo formed in 2012 by Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, Galantis is known for their energetic live shows and blend of electronic, pop, and house influences. Today, they are one of the most popular electronic dance music acts in the world! In The Sandbox, get ready to bring your Galantis spirit with you to any experience as you raise the flag of the Swedish EDM project high. The flag can be carried in your avatar’s main hand or stowed away when not needed. Wave it proudly on the dance floor and across your metaverse journey!



Get your LAND to become their neighbor!


Collaborating with global talents, artists, producers, and other creators within Infinite Pulse allows for the formation of unique creative partnerships and the co-creation of musical projects that resonate with a worldwide audience. Join the following artists and brands in building the Infinite Pulse neighborhood.

LENS Protocol

Lens Protocol is founded on Web3 technologies that preserves user ownership over their digital identity, activities, and relationships. With Lens, profiles, activities, and followers are not merely numbers in privately-hosted servers but assets saved on decentralized storage and portable from one application to another. Creators are free from walled gardens and can establish direct relationships with their followers. With on-chain visibility into follower activities, creators can identify and develop effective engagement and custom monetization frameworks wherever they go.

Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber is an Israeli electronic DJ/producer and musician who works in the underground techno scene. With his distinct blend of deep house, techno, and progressive elements, Gerber's music transcends boundaries, enchanting audiences around the world with its hypnotic allure.

School Night

For over a decade, internationally recognized, School Night has been the ‘Go-To’ live music series for fans and industry alike to discover their new favorite artists. Created by Radio KCRW’s Chris Douridas and Matt Goldman, the series has proven its tastemaker sensibility by booking some of the greatest artists in the world, alongside consistently introducing the world to new bands by booking their first shows ever.



PIXELYNX is a web3 & AI music company founded by Richie Hawtin and Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, along with music and gaming industry heavyweights Ben Turner, Dean Wilson and metaverse visionary, Inder Phull. Their AI and blockchain-enabled music creation platform, KORUS, gives creators of all skill levels the tools to create hundreds of thousands of bespoke songs built with AI models. With KORUS, and other future experiences, PIXELYNX is building an interconnected ecosystem and music metaverse that will shift the paradigm in the music industry.


Dan Ghenacia

Dan Ghenacia is the undisputed kingpin of the Paris underground scene and one of France’s hottest DJ exports, having founded and ran for seven years Freak N’Chic and now one of the three creative minds behind new label and b2b2b DJ outfit Apollonia.



Crafted in Japan, HeavenSake is an award winning creation by French Wine Master Regis Camus in collaboration with Japan's most respected sake breweries.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary audio adventure by purchasing a Premium Land from the Infinite Pulse Land Sale! In addition to the highly sought-after NFTs bundle, purchasing a Premium Land will now grant you access to an array of exclusive benefits that will truly elevate your journey into the digital realm:

Perks of purchasing a Premium LAND in the Infinite Pulse neighborhood

🎵 Chance to win Music Concert tickets

🎵 Exclusive Music Pre-Built Templates

🎵 Exclusive Music Tracks

🎵 Exclusive Air Drops

🎵 Premium Land experiences could be featured in future Festivals & Alpha Seasons


The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!

Premium NFTs

14 exclusive NFTs showcasing our amazing partners!

When you purchase a Premium LAND, you will get a bundle of special Premium NFTs!

Agoria Shield

DJ Agoria Shorts

Elvis Presley Helmet

Elvis Presley Yellow Guitar

Skeleton Blast

WMG Backpack

Nuclear Blast Helmet

WMG Frame

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Jamiroquai Helmet

Image Image

Galantis Flag


Galantis Album YOU


Jamiroquai Display

The acclaimed DJ is here and YOU are invited to the party!

LAND Sale Raffle System

Everything you need to know about the new LAND Sale Raffle system!


Who can buy a LAND?

Only allowlisted users will be able to buy 1, and only 1, LAND over a 96 hour period.

LAND Sale Raffle FAQ

How can I become allowlisted?

To become allowlisted, you need to enter the LAND Sale Raffle.

Two types of allowlist raffles will be open: Regular LAND raffles and Premium LAND raffles. You can join one or both lists, but will only be able to win either a Premium allowlist spot or Regular allowlist spot, not both.

To ensure fairness and to avoid bots, two requirements have been implemented in order to join the raffle:

- Users need to have their Account Verified (KYC);

- Users need to have at least 1011 SAND (Polygon) in their wallet at the time of the registration and on the day of the raffle.

The Sandbox WILL NOT charge the users for joining the raffle, only their SAND balance will be checked to be sure that users will be ready to buy if they win a allowlist spot eventually.

Are there any requirements to enter the raffle?

When can I enter the raffle?

The raffle registration will last from June 22nd, 3:00 PM UTC to July 12th, 3:00 AM UTC.

Users have two weeks to sign up for the raffle. Once the sign up period end, the raffle will start and winners will be selected. Raffle winners will have 96 hours to mint their LAND (LAND will be randomly assigned based on the raffle list the user joined).

All unsold LANDs will be put up for auction on Opensea.

Last Chance Auctions will take place from July 18th, 3:00 PM UTC to July 20th, 3:00 PM UTC.

Everyone can participate.

What happens to unsold LANDs?


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